Part 2

In Tr.4, a red-coloured pathway made of crushed brick material, edged with well-made grey tile/brick, is beginning to be uncovered. As we get through the final layers of soil covering the artificial mound, an interesting suite of artefacts come to light, including a rather blunt old-fashioned razor blade: cut or snapped at its mid-point.


(Priyanka with broken razor blade, coins and clay pipe stem)

Although we offer a daily tour at 1.30pm, many of our visitors are passing through the park and stop for a chat to find out what we do. All of the students and volunteers have training in giving tours, and it is great to see them enthuse about their discoveries to different visitors to the Park. We are also interested to hear their stories and memories of how it has changed and what it means to them, and we have gathered some fascinating oral histories as a result. (If you have memories to share, please do get in touch with us)!


(Over the fence – quick chats give us an opportunity to gather memories of the Park)

In Tr. 1 and Tr. 4, the Xaverian students enjoyed learning how to wield a trowel, and some of them even got to grips with mattocks and spades! It was interesting to talk to them about the subjects they were studying and discuss their future plans… several intend to study archaeology at University, and the current students were able to give them lots of useful advice.


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