Friday 9th September

Part 1

The archaeology is beginning to get more interesting: thick deposits of dumped spoil, rich in glass and metal slag, overlie the location of the Pavilion in Tr. 1. Whether any trace of its foundations remain to be found we will have to wait and see, but there are some interesting finds within this material: large pieces of ceramic (possible chamber pots and plate fragments). The tarmac dips down towards the lake-edge, surviving well at this point, but elsewhere has been ‘scraped back’ and levelled. In Tr.2, relatively sterile clay deposits may represent an original land surface, or could be levelled fill after the bandstand was removed. In this and Tr.3, the large lumps of corroded metal which may be the remains of railings are being recorded and photographed before further excavation occurs.

 We also had the first of our School visits, fromXaverianCollege, of A/AS level archaeology students. They excavated in Tr.1 and learned about the post-excavation process through finds washing.


 (Students from Xaverian College excavate and process finds at Whitworth Park)


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