Monday 5th September 2011

After hard work last week by the core staff to get the site huts and tools ready, the dig began today! Mixed weather but the team worked hard to de-turf the trenches (Tr. 1: the Pavilion and lakeside, Tr. 2 and 3: the Bandstand, and Tr. 4: the Mound). We built a magnificent turf stack with the aid of the Friends fromWhitworthPark, and cleaned off the surfaces to reveal a subsoil rich in glass, pottery, brick, tile and other materials. Tomorrow we will begin to identify and excavate any features. In the meanwhile, meet the team:

Project Directors and Site Manager:

Prof. Sian Jones   Dr Hannah Cobb and Nick Overton    Dr Melanie Giles    

Project Assistant:

Ruth Colton

Site Supervisors:

Kat Fennelly               Ellen Souter           Steph Duensing


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