People in Profile (Xaverian students)


Name: Julian Carty

Dream find: a hidden burial chamber

A-levels: History, Biology, Archaeology, Drama

Career plan: Archaeologist!

Find: a three pence coin

“I didn’t know what to expect but I really enjoyed it. I learned how to use the trowel and recover finds”.


 Name: Jess Dixon

Dream find: Bone!

A-levels: History, German, Archaeology, English Literature

Career plan: I don’t know yet!

Find: glazed ceramic sherd

“I enjoyed learning differently, rather than being sat in the classroom”.


Xaverian College Archaeology students: can they dig it?

They can, they did!

 More quotes from the Xaverian students:

“hard work but enjoyable” (Tad Davidson)

“I love that rush of excitement… to find something old” (Liziwe Fembo)

“I liked finding out what the tile was used for” (Samrawit Goebru)

“Pleasantly surprised at the large scale of the trenches!” (Thomas Johnson)

“I was surprised there was no-one here with a beard!” (Matt Thompson)

“I preferred the finds washing: seeing things come to light” (Poppy Bramwell)

“Building on experience” (Lucy Johnson)

“We were really grateful for the opportunity” (Rachel Moore)

And from their teacher:

“Super: a rare opportunity for active learning… much appreciated” (Mike Wilson)


One thought on “People in Profile (Xaverian students)

  1. It was a fun day, I really enjoyed it and I hope to have a career in Archaeology someday in the future and I really appreciate that you let us join the dig. We are from Aquinas College rather than Xaverian College. I just thought I would point that out.

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