Monday 12th September

Work today was badly affected by the effects of the Hurricane winds: we closed down trenches 2, 3 and 4 which are sited under some large trees, due to the risk of tree or branchfall. Instead, we focused on Tr. 1, and found the formal edge of the lake (complete with the ‘robbed out’ shadow of cobbles, exactly matching some of those thrown back into the lake fill)! Also, under the thick layer of industrial slag and debris, the remnants of postholes with iron fittings, drainage gullies and channels, which may represent the foundations of the Pavilion. Very exciting but lots to do!

(Tr. 1: the Lake, with red brick edging and basal surface, and roadstone setting ‘shadows’)

Meanwhile, we had 60 school children on site, from Medlock Primary and Heald Place Primary. They visited Tr.1, and learned about excavation as well as the historical background of the Park. We explored many of the interesting finds and examined postcard images of people in the Park during its Edwardian heyday. One of the schools excavated on site, whilst the other had a Q&A session with archaeologists. Both participated in Drama workshops, organised by Debbie Doran, which were fun, noisy and inspiring!

(Medlock Primary excavate on site and use the past as inspiration for creative drama in Whitworth Art Gallery)


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