Thursday 15th September

After the excitement of all the school visits, we now need to concentrate on finishing what we’ve started! Exciting discoveries in Tr. 3 dominated the day, with the appearance of part of the back of the Bandstand wall! This will help us locate the rest of the structure very clearly, and we will return to this area next year. In Tr. 1 meanwhile, a network of old drainage pipes has been revealed, in deep slot trenches: probably representing the earliest features found on site, to make the land useable, before the park was developed. A similar drainage trench with still functioning pipe was also found under the tail of the artificial mound in Tr. 4, which means that the whole area near to ‘Moss Lane’, which was once wet and boggy, was being slowly dried out.


Digging is for dogs too! Nick greets one of our canine visitors whilst Sian takes one of the final lunchtime tours (with the help of Mae and Pryanka, two of our undergraduate students)

 The project directors took a final walk-round to decide what to focus on next year, and the site manager and supervisors began checking up on records and identifying priorities for recording, in advance of our final day on site. There is an air of both urgency and wistfulness at the sense of the end of the excavation… something I suspect is common to many community projects like this, which have been immensely rewarding, hard work with a small team. We shan’t miss the winds and the rain but we shall miss the Park!

Hannah and Mohsin finish the recording


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