The Whitworth Park Oral History Project

Now that the project is well underway, we want to start collecting oral histories and memories of those who have used Whitworth Park, particularly in the period between the Second World War and the present day. Whilst the archaeology and history research is providing us with rich insights into the origins and early development of the Park, its changing appearance and fluctuating fortunes are less well documented and evidenced. These memories tell us about changes that aren’t recorded anywhere else and also help us to explore the changing relationship between local communities and their urban green spaces. They also add immense colour and life to our picture of ‘Park Life’, then and now!

Over the Spring, some staff have received training in oral history, and we have been developing our interview strategies (see the results of one of our brainstorming activities below, using the useful mind-mapping tool, the KETSO, © University of Manchester). In the next few months, we shall be contacting people who have expressed an interest in sharing their memories with us. If you too have memories you would like to share, please contact: Ruth Colton (  or Kenneth Shone ‎(


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