“Whitworth Park – then and now.”

A new public leaflet to help visitors imagine Whitworth Park’s rich past!

Here is the new leaflet I promised. It was designed with the idea of giving visitors a window into past landscapes. Just go to the points on the map in the centre of the booklet and then look up the numbers to find out what that part of the park looked like in the past. We also provide insights about what kinds of ideas lay behind the design of Victorian public parks, and what kinds of things people got up to in parks.

Even if you’re not visiting the park it’s an interesting read. So why not download one of the electronic copies below? If you prefer you can also pick up a hard copy at the Whitworth Art Gallery (while stocks last).

We worked with Sarah Crossland Design, our wonderful designers for the exhibition hosted by Manchester Museum last year. We think they’ve done a lovely job on this and hope you do too!

There are two different formats here. One is designed to print so you can staple it down the middle and fold it into an A5 booklet. The other takes each page in turn and can be printed A4. Take you pick but please note that the map will be spread over two pages with the A4 single page format.




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